Jewelry - Saleswoman pushed me & threw my necklace out into the mall!

Reston, Virginia 1 comment

Purchased a rope necklace.

1 wk. later it broke in half while I was wearing it. Called store & was told to bring it back. Saleslady pushed us, and literally threw the gold necklace out of her store into the mall.

Later manager Charles called and told me this didn't happen!

It has to be on their video!! He would NOT give me his bosses name or number, he refused. Im reporting them to better business, and filing a complaint with the police dept for assult.

The necklace should of been guananteed, but the sales lady said that they would not cover it because I broke it.

I did not, it just fell off my neck. A link had to be weak or already broken. This necklace was 2 weeks old. I was told I should of bought a better one instead of a cheap one.

I paid 259.00!

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